Mask Review | LANEIGE Water Pocket Mask ​Time Freeze (Face Fit) Dynamic Collagen_EX™

Sunday, 3 December 2017

It just hit me that even though I love LANEIGE as a brand so much that it currently taking over large percentage of my expenses on skincare, I rarely feature the product here in my blog, much lesser on my Instagram feed. I wonder why. Still, let's get onto this review of a sheet mask that I really love but unfortunately I can't get my hands on it and its wonderful sister variants easily, readily from my local LANEIGE counter here in Parkson Imago, KK Times Square.

Water Pocket Sheet Mask - Time Freeze (Face Fit) Dynamic Collagen_EX™

​I just started using some samples and products from the Time Freeze skincare line as I'm going for the big 3-0 this year hence I need more anti-aging/wrinkle/dryness skincare. I'm a huge fan of the brand Firming Sleeping Mask - better than their signature Water Sleeping Mask and I'm glad that they now included that mask in this line. Definitely going to get that sleeping mask soon!

Review | THE FACE SHOP Natural Sun Eco Anti-Pollution Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++

Monday, 13 November 2017

As you're probably expected from my previous post, here I am with another review on this sunscreen product from THE FACE SHOP with anti-pollution function. If you're someone who commute to work by using public transport or you're always working outdoors; exposed with polluted environment under the sun and in need of sunscreen product then this product might worth the try. 

This particular product is a new addition to the brand's sunscreen line; Natural Sun Eco on top of the other sunscreen products that are already available at their stores. Overall, the brand offers you a wide range of products that cater to your skin needs and that doesn't limit to skincare only as their sunscreen products cover your oily, dehydrated or dry skin but this new addition goes extra mile buy protecting you against environmental stressors like fine dust that can penetrate deep into your skin. 

Review | THE FACE SHOP Natural Sun Eco Daily Sun Essence SPF40 PA+++

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

I bet you're thinking that why in the world I'm reviewing a sunscreen in the middle of the wettest month of the year here in Malaysia or you're thinking that we do not need to use sunscreen on these cloudy days or you're just curious that how is it possible for a sunscreen to exist in light consistency? Will it protect my skin well?

There are so much to learn when it comes to sunscreen and I'm pretty sure you guys are having hard time choosing and trying numbers of sunscreens as with skincare products, we always want to find the right ones that work the best with our skin especially in this hot and humid weather all year round. Lots of sunscreens are available in the market that surely can cater to your preferences and for me, for those days when I stay at home all day or cafe hopping during the weekends, I need a simple sunscreen that works great on top of my morning skincare or underneath my daily makeup.

But first, let me talk a little bit about this latest addition to THE FACE SHOP Malaysia sunscreen line; Natural Sun Eco Daily Sun Essence.

Blogger Mail | THE FACE SHOP Malaysia Natural Sun Eco Sunscreens

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Just last week, another package arrived from one of my favourite Korean beauty brand and this time around, I'm going to bring you guys to a short trip down the sunscreen galore as I will be introducing new additions to the brand's sunscreen line along with other existing products which are already available at their physical stores here in Malaysia and their e-store.

THE FACE SHOP Natural Sun Eco is a natural sun protection product line containing organic sunflower sprout extract with strengthen anti-oxidants effects

There are currently 4 types of sunscreen with 3 comes in a limited edition The Simpsons Family packaging available at the store and they just added another 2 to the line. Several number of products for one main function i.e. to protect your skin off the sun rays could possibly confuse you so for these items, I will be highlighting each one of them according to their functions or depending on what you prefer for your type of skin and its usage.

Now, let's get started!

TBD | Tak Nak Sunyi Sepi Lagi GiveAway by ASTraveler

Review | THE FACE SHOP White Seed Spotlight Radiance Cream

Thursday, 19 October 2017

When it comes to Korean base makeup these days, it is more than just applying a cushion foundation and a primer together. There are colour-correcting base that even comes in cushion type of packaging, many types of primers that are not merely focusing on hydration level of the skin and so much more. All of that however, are makeup products and if you're someone like me who emphasise more on skincare and want to use less amount of makeup to achieve a healthy-looking skin then you're going to like this new cream from the THE FACE SHOP.

As mentioned in my previous post, White Seed is a basic brightening skincare targeting beauty enthusiasts aged 25 and below that uses white seed complex and 3-step real brightening system to keep skin bright and transparent. As the moisturiser from this skincare line is a cream with brightening function; this product shares the same concept with added instant brightening effect to skin complexion.

First, let's go a little bit into the basic details for this product.

PLT Style | Women’s Winter Fashion Essentials

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

If you're in the UK or bound to the country anytime soon, you are currently heading into the thick of winter. As a result, expectations are that you prep your wardrobe for this upcoming cold season. However, even though being warm will be essential at this time, you can still do it with some style. The following is a list of some of the top women’s winter fashion essentials and all of these can be found at most of the top catalogue retailers

Mid-rise straight leg jeans

With the warm season out the door, it is time that you skip those skinny jeans and opt for a black or dark-blue straight leg pair instead. You can finish this off with ballet flats, your favourite loafers, or even decide to tuck them into a pair of high boots or uggs that are well suited for the cold weather. 

Fitted jacket 

A short, but at the same time snug fitted jacket, that reaches the hips is a great choice for the cold season. Even though black might be the color that comes to mind for most women, you can try something different like a cream or navy blue color. A fitted jacket can go well with skirts, dresses, jeans, pants, or simply anything you can find in your wardrobe.

Black pencil skirt 

For those who still have to work during the winter season, a black pencil skirt is not only a warm option, but also a sophisticated, flattering, and versatile one. Just remember to go with something that has minor draping or a little stretch. You can also finish it off with tights and pumps (or booties). Furthermore, make sure you do not wear it with a flat shoe.


Fashion experts consider cardigans to be an all year round fashion piece since they go well with practically anything. Their added advantage is they are also quite warm, which makes them perfect for the winter season. You can create and effortless and wonderful look with a three-quartered or long-sleeved cardigan, finished off with some fitted pants or straight-leg jeans and maybe add your own personal touch and add badges on it.

I guess that's all from me! It's a lovely time of the year so if you're traveling to cold countries, make sure to pack your essentials, including proper skincare products and makeup items that suit the weather, travel journal, and maybe an Instax camera. have a safe journey and  I'll see you guys on the next post! Au revoir!

Disclaimer: Images are found from the Internet. 

Review | THE FACE SHOP THE THERAPY Toning Moisture Blending Formula Cream

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

I have recently made a major change in my skincare routine as I've been indulging my skin with more anti-ageing skincare products and I have to say that my skin has never been so well-moisturised though I have to admit that for the past few years ever since I've started using Korean skincare, I've only been using brightening skincare products that sometimes tends to dry out my skin. Then, in order to counter that dryness especially around the lower half of my facial area, I got myself a different moisturiser just to smooth out the dry patches. Then again, I still want to have a brightening skincare product that can help me to achieve that healthy, glowing and bright-looking skin. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, this product is a type of Blending Cream from THE FACE SHOP's THE THERAPY anti-ageing skincare line with brightening and tone-up function. A Blending Cream that is luxuriously moisturising anti-ageing cream that holds a blend of French Sea Water that is rich in mineral and natural Essential Oils extracted from Sandalwood, Avocado and Palmarosa; now added with Calamine Powder and Niacinamide to give the skin intense hydration, anti-ageing benefits and instant brightening effect. 

First, let's go a little bit into the basic details for this product. 

Blogger Mail | THE FACE SHOP Malaysia

Thursday, 5 October 2017

As promised in my previous post on the new revamped THE FACE SHOP Malaysia online store, I'm going to share with you guys on the products that I received from the brand team on these recently launched items but first, let me talk a little bit about their online order delivery. 


When you placed an order via the official E-store, your order will delivered to your door within a sturdy box with the brand logo on it. I do think they use EasyParcel service and as stated in their FAQ page, they use either PosLaju Malaysia, CityLink Express or DHL to deliver your orders.

All items except sample sachets are properly wrapped using bubble wrappers which is truly a saver as to avoid the products from being teared open which can lead to broken bottles while on delivery. The packaging of each of the products aren't dented so that's another plus!

Now, let's get onto the good stuffs that were sent to me.

Online Shopping | THE FACE SHOP Malaysia

Monday, 2 October 2017

Finally. That's the word that came out of my mouth the second I got to the revamped THE FACE SHOP Malaysia online store. If you've been reading my blog for quite sometime, you guys know that my first and one of my favourite Korean beauty brand is THE FACE SHOP. I'm not gonna share with you guys the basic things like how to sign up for an account today as I'm pretty sure you all can check it out all here; I'll be highlighting the new updated feature instead. Now, let's get right into it!

The online store was fine before but only on the Desktop mode as the Mobile mode was kind of nightmare to be frank but not anymore! I'm loving the current design and layout even better perhaps thanks to my ever growing interest towards minimalist design but first, just look at the Mobile version of the website!

It is now so easy to navigate around the online store and I just love how they feature products on New Arrivals and Bestsellers section as most of the time I just want to have a quick update on what's new and hot.