Etude House Malaysia November Promotion

Saturday, 16 November 2013

It's a second post for today, but it'll be just posting some ads taken from Etude House MY Official Facebook page. 

First of all, the November Promotion. To all nail paint lovers out there, do grab these! 

Special promotion from 6th to 30th November! 

Details on GWP. Look at the brush and mirror! I'm going to pass on the umbrella, though. 

Of course, the Christmas set! Bear in mind that these sets come in Etude House boxes. 
Perfect gifts for your loved ones, and of course a reward to yourselves!

During the Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) Promo!

During the Weekend (Friday to Sunday) Promo! Be informed that newly launched products aren't included like Any Cushion, Milky You Cleansing line, etc. 

So far, I only shop at Etude House Malaysia during their sale. Why? I don't think I can afford to pay the Normal Retailed Prices. For the cheaper items like mask sheets, yeah. But for skin care? I don't think so. 

When I was at Etude House beauty store the other day, some Korean girls were like making faces and came to surprise to see the prices. Being friendly, I said hi and asked (in my broken Korean) why they are so surprised. They revealed (in broken English, heehehe) thay the prices here are waaaay expensive compared to Seoul. But I explained it's given, because these are imported cosmetics. After exchanging goodbyes, they left the store without buying. 

I admit, that the store rents, including the beauty assistants salaries, and whatnot, it's given that the prices are doubled or maybe even tripled here in Malaysia. But of course, nothing beats the shopping experiences. I love going to beauty stores because I get to experience as if I'm shopping in Myung-dong, Seoul. Though it's not even close to, but yeah. It's Etude House. SHINee posters, Sulli and Krystal adverts, don't you just love it! I don't like pink on my things, but I do love going to the Pink Shop! Is what I used to say to my friends who're hooked with Etude House too. 

The only option to buy with cheaper prices? Online shopping. :D

But then again, as I made the calculations myself, for example, you can only benefit from buying online if you buy over RM250 (approx.  USD72) and include the shipping for about 1.8kg of beauty products. So either you saved the money and get the stuffs you want on wish-list, and then buy at one shot, or gather with your friends and share the shipping costs. 

How about those without credit cards, debit cards, PayPal accounts, which includes secondary school girls like my younger cousins? I guess their only options are either to persuade their parents (duh!) or buy those cute, irresistible lippies, cookie blushers, eye shadows, etc at retailed prices. 

So yes. Your choice. For me, sale are the only times I would buy major skin care products but at other times, I would just pick stuffs below RM30. 

Dear Girls, Shop Wisely. Etude House should come up with a concept like that. Hehe 

Anyway, sorry for the long commentary. I'm having presentations on Monday. Need to work on my vocab and whatnot. Trying to sell my design as always. 

xx, Mira.