Etude House Princess Etoinette Season 2 Launching!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hello, beautiful people! Happy Wednesday!!!

So while I was doing my New Year window shopping yesterday, Etude House has officially launched this new amazing line in continuation to the previous year Princess Etoinette, please welcome 

Finally after few days anticipating this new line, we get to see the full advert photos!! ^__^ 
Though I'm not in South Korea right now, so I guess I'll just share with you guys the photos that I got from the Facebook page. Just to motivate you girls (and me) to save money and get this when it's finally arrives in our country sometime early next year, okay!

First of all the Princess Etoinette Eau de Toilette 30ml

I guess this item is star product of this new line as it's being the first one being advertised. I think I'm going to love the scent cause I love anything with sandalwood and musk as perfume base. 
In the Etude House Official website they're selling this at 20,000KRW but a great deal cause it comes with the Mirror! 

Price: 20,000KRW

Next is Princess Etoinette 2 All Over Color 2g

I guess this can be a new addition to the three musketeers of  Heart Blusher,  Highlighter and Crystal Powder. hehehehe just kidding. :D

It's All OVer powder so I guess this can be used on our cheeks, eyes, upper lips even neck and shoulder bones if you go strapless. :D

Price: 25,000KRW

Next is the Princess Etoinette 2 Crystal Shine Lips 3.4g.

Oh, I love these colours. Again, I would love to get the  PBE102 Moon Flower Under the Stars.

PBE102 Moon Flower Under the Stars.

PRD302 A Sip of Bordeaux Wine

PPK 005 Versailles Noble Peony

All three of these come in the above packaging. ~swoon~

Prince: 13,000KRW

Next is the Princess Etoinette 2 Perfumed Hair Mist 120ml

Get that princessy hair style and spray with this. :D

Price: 8,000KRW

Now let's go to the Princess Blooming Perfumed Hands 70ml

Still amazed with the packaging~ :D

Price: 8,000KRW

Like I mentioned above, there's Princess Etoinette 2 Mirror about 8cm in diameter. 

Looks so elegant and not to mention prettyy!!!. Makes you wanna pop this out like every 5 minutes!! 

Price: 5,000KRW

Last but not least the Princess Etoinette 2 Moon Flower Perfumed Candle

  Imagine lighting this up while relaxing in your hot tub, the scent, the ambiance, ah~ a princess needs to release all the stress from a hard day at work or school with a good hot bath!
Price: 11,000KRW

Need help to imagine?

All photos credit to Etude House South Korea Facebook page. :D

Okay, that's the whole collection of Princess Etoinette Season 2 so I guess for Malaysian Etoinettes, we have to wait at least till January or February before we can get this. Or can get them online. :) I'm definitely not in a rush (plus my December allowance are allocated for Christmas Sets) so yeah, next year. :D
What you guys think? Is it amazing on its own? Is it comparable to the last year's? 
Does any of the product reminds you any other similar products?

Are you guys gonna get the whole line or the ones that most appealing to you? For me the Hand Cream is a must. hehe Love hand creams that's why. 

Tell me what you guys think and feel free to share if you're already in South Korea right now, experiencing these items first hands. :D

xx, Mira