Beauty Award: The Liebster Award

Thursday, 28 November 2013
Hello, beautiful people! Happy Thursday! It's almost the end of the week so I guess everyone's are excited to shop this weekend, right? Watch out for interesting promotions and shop wisely! :D

Yeah, I guess after reading the above title, it's no surprise right? Thanks to my dearest fellow beauty blogger, a friend, Joyce or her Google+ account name +Shen Ee , she nominated me the Liebster Award. Thanks so much for this, darls! I guess it's really nice to have something like this as a platform to get to know other beauty bloggers more and even discovered new ones! 

Girls, do check out Joyce's beauty blog IntoFace and have fun while you're at it. I always enjoy reading reviews and picking up simple tips to follow from her. Plus, her blog just got re-vamped and I'm totally in love with the new layout. :D

Simple rules!
The Liebster Award is for those who have less than 200 followers on Bloglovin , this is a great opportunity for small and new blogs to find new readers and connect with everyone in the blogging community!

If I have nominated you, all you have to do is to accept the award, give me a follow-back via Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect (also Google+, Twitter @mieletvanille and Instagram @lemieletlavanille, do add me while you're at it) then answer a few questions!

When you nominate other bloggers, please make sure that you are following them and send them a message letting them know that you have done so.

The number of bloggers they're suggesting is 11.


First of all, let me share the answers to Joyce's questions! 

  1. What is your favorite cosmetic brand? 
    Ooh, hot question! It's not easy to choose one, I tell you! As for cosmetics, if I really need to choose, then it would be Mary Kay. Love their eye shadows! The right pigmentation, last long, and I love how they come on it's own so I can arrange them prettily inside my case.

    As for skincare brand, I guess it's obvious. For the past 3 months, it's always have been THEFACESHOP. Hopefully I'll discover better product after this!
  2. If you could only bring one item with you to wherever you go, what would you bring? 
    One item? if we're still talking about cosmetics, it would be my compact powder. 
    If we're talking about skincare, it would be my Rice Water Bright Rice Bran Cleansing Foam. Period.

    But if we're talking about in general, that would be my smartphone. Everything about me is in there. I guess the charger is included as one with my smartphone so yeah. Smartphone it is. :D
  3. How much do you spend on your cosmetic per month? 
    Well, I think most girls do this (or maybe I'm just nerdy LOL) but I keep my beauty product expenses on track, from Budget App in my iPhone to Excel spreadsheets. So, the average sum of money I spent on cosmetic products is roughly RM900 (USD300). But to my estimation, I'm still good for the next few months even without buying anything. Maybe it'll be lesser for the upcoming months. So yeah.
  4. When do you start using skincare? 
    The last week of August this year, but I was just trying out samples. As for my current skincare products, I started on 17th of September this year. Totally did marked that date down in my Molang diary. :D
  5. What is the most expensive cosmetic that you've used before? 
    The most expensive cosmetic I have used before? I have to say Mary Kay skincare line for normal-oily skin. Spent roughly about RM600 for few items. But I didn't see any remarkable result so after I went through the frustration, I switched to Garnier for the next 6 months before I changed to K-beauty skincare products and since then, I never look back!
  6. Which country do you wish to travel most? 
  7. What do you do with your cosmetics if it's not suitable for you? 
    I never experienced this. Or maybe I did but I can't recall but I guess I'm lucky cause since I started using South Korean beauty products, all products that I have so far are working great with my skin. But as for the wrongly given samples by BAs to me, I'll use them to test new products I got for review purposes. Like doing reviews on cleansing products.
  8. What is your most favorite gift/present you've received before? 
    I honestly consider all great things in my life as gifts from God and for things like gadgets and whatnot, being given those things by my parents are something I couldn't describe of how grateful I am for that matter, but one thing that I consider as one of the best gift I have received is the amount of support shown by my followers, readers, and I sincerely hope we can prolong this I called as friendship.
    Beauty is subjective and I really hope we all can be beautiful in a way that satisfy our desires, exude the inner beauty within us, and appreciate the knowledge shared among us. 
  9. What's your wishlist for Christmas? 
    I don't celebrate Christmas but it's in my tradition that we celebrate new year (non-religion celebration), by just gathering with friends and family with good food and  talk about how was it in the previous year, sharing our new year resolutions, plans and whatnot.
    But as for New Year Skincare Wishlist, click here.
    As for non-skincare 2014 Wishlist, 10 top things! here it goes! 
    • New MacBook Pro 15" with Retina Display
    • iPhone 5S 
    • iPad 3 with Retina Display
    • Instax Mini 8
    • Swatch Originals Chrono Plastic: Twice Again White
    • Trip abroad during summer break. Japan or visiting relatives in South Korea. 
    • Visit my best friend in Singapore.
    • To actually finish my driving lessons. I've been procrastinating due to busy schedule. 
    • Read Memoirs of Geisha again. 
    • Host my first giveaway for my lovelies followers and readers.

  10. If there's a product on your wishlist, and after reading many negative reviews, would you still purchase it? 
    Hmm, then I have to wonder how that product got into my wishlist in the first place. Whenever I want to buy beauty product, I usually will digest at least 10 reviews (for products above RM100) but I believe samples play vital roles in this matter. I would get samples first but if that's not possible, I guess I have to discard it from my wishlist then.
  11. If you could only choose one: make up or skincare?
    Easy question. Skincare. :D Why makeup comes in second cause I believe makeups are meant to enhance your looks, accentuate your facial features but then skincare offers you something that benefit your skin from the deepest layer of it. With good skincare routine, I believe at some point I probably will be needing only lipsticks or lip balms. 


My nominations are: 

  1. When do you start using skincare? 
  2. What is your favorite skincare brand? Why? 
  3. What is the most expensive skincare product that you've used before? How was it? 
  4. The most regrettable skincare product you ever bought? Why?
  5. Your opinions on makeup? 
  6. What is your favourite makeup brand? Share your must-haves from this brand.
  7. Foundation or BB Cream? Share me your must-haves with us.
  8. Your most favourite makeup palettes and brush sets?
  9. Which celebrity looks inspired you the most?
  10. What's your all-time favourite show/series? Why?
  11. Top 3 places you want to go. Share with us why.

There you have it people! 

Have fun tagging your fellow beauty bloggers! Remember the rules! Do drop me links to your posts cause I would love to read them. It's always interesting to know more about you guys! 

xx, Mira