December Haul: Etude House

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Annyeong! :D haha this is the third post of the day. LOL I know. I know. Please bear with me.. Plus it's easier for me to refer to later on, on which product that I bought during what time of the year.

Anyhoo, in this post, let me share with you guys on stuffs that I got recently from Etude House!

Love these bags! They're so huge and I could use them to bring my architectural models in it! hehe finally done editing some these photos! phew!

Like I mentioned in my New Year Wishlist post, I wanted the Wonder Pore Christmas Set 
and the other stuffs are from the Buy 1 Free 1 promos. 
        • Wonder Pore Freshener Review!
        • Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming Review!
        • Wonder Pore White Clay Clear Mask
        • Wonder Pore Cotton Glove
        • Wonder Pore Brush
        • Wonder Pore Spatula
There's a reason why I still grabbed 2 other 500ml Wonder Pore Freshener 
even though it's included in the Christmas Set... hehe Surprise! Surprise!

Another Christmas Set which consists of:
        • Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand & Foot Cream
        • Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Mask
        • Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Foot Mask

Here are the freebies! :D Hair Brush which I love! Mirror that there's no way I'm gonna bring that to uni! 2014 calendar that's so cute! An Etude House Pink box cause I grabbed the Wonder Pore Christmas Set above. Though I spent a lot, I didn't get the Pink Umbrella because I got them separately. But it's okay cause there's no way I'm gonna use it even if I got it. hehe 

I was curious about these toners as my younger cousins are raving about them so much 
so I got the ones that suit to my skin needs.
        • Skin Mal:Geum (Smoother)
        • Skin Mal:Geum (Fresh)
        • Skin Mal:Geum (Essential)
        • Skin Mal:Geum Emulsion
        • Skin Mal:Geum Cotton pads
        • Skin Mal:Geum portable bottles
        • Skin Mal:Geum Spray bottle for mist

As I already tried the Happy Fresh Foam in Witch Hazel before, this time I got myself the White Clay version! Review!

I grabbed these for my cousin! She used the Happy Teatime Aloe before so I got her that along with Green Tea. 

It's Real Mask Sheets!! I've been wanting to get these for a long time! Though it's kinda expensive~ 
        • It's Real Mask Sheet: Carrot (Brightening Care)
        • It's Real Mask Sheet: Broccoli (Antioxidant Care)
        • It's Real Mask Sheet: Pumpkin (Lifting Care)
        • It's Real Mask Sheet: Kelp (Moisturizing Care)
        • It's Real Mask Sheet: Chestnut Shell (Exfoliating Care)

Etude House is having Christmas Set Promotion and Buy 1 Free 1 so which is why I grabbed so much. I actually calculated everything, determining when I'm gonna use all of them and I'm good for the whole 2014 I guess. Some of these are for my cousins actually, like the cleansing foams and mask sheets and I'm going home soon which means I'm going to share these with my other family members as well. So it's okay to splurge a little bit. I don't mind sharing at all. :D

So yeah, that's all for now. I didn't get anything new from the brand, just stuffs launched in 2011 to 2012 
I guess, and it's definitely because Etude House Malaysia has been only launching makeup products along this year, right? Like Any Cushion, Rose Collection, while in Korea the limited Minnie Collection, Etoinette 2013 Collection which is probably going to arrive in Malaysia early next year... and I pretty much don't have much interest cause you guys know that I'm more on skincare, right? But I think I'm going to grab the Milky You cleansing line soon because I tried it the other day and it's awesome! hehe we'll see. Still waiting for the Don't Worry lip balm and Hand Cream to arrive too, actually. Those are already arrived in Singapore. Sigh. 

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you enjoy this post! hehe To those who're feeling bad cause you guys can't enjoy these sales thing, it's okay. I pray that Etude House will arrive to your country soon. :D Even in Malaysia it's still new (about 3 to 4 years I think), we don't even have the Pink Membership yet. The BA said it's gonna launched in 2014 so let's hope it's gonna happen for real. 

I still have one more post for December Haul so stay tuned as I'm still editing the photos. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :D