Etude House Malaysia December Promotion

Monday, 2 December 2013

Hello, lovelies! Have you guys started doing shopping for Christmas? I bet so. Here in Malaysia people are flying over from various places to shop in the capital city which is Kuala Lumpur. Including my friends from Singapore and my relatives in East Malaysia. hehe

Anyway, today I wanna shout out to all Malaysian Etude House fans that December promotion has kicked start yesterday and it's no surprise that they decided to continue the previous promotion and Sweet Christmas Sets. But still, I'm going to share here the posters so you guys won't get confuse.

Just want to include here the posters for the Sweet Christmas Set. 

But to Etude House fans in Malacca, Perak, and Penang, watch out for this Special Promo cause it's coming to your town! 

Pink Tree Earring Holder! Ah, isn't that cute!!! 

Then again, I wonder this promo doesn't come to the Malaysia Central area~ Sigh. Maybe fans in those state spent more than here? I wonder. 

Anyway, this is just a quick post so feel free to drop your comments down below if there's anything you guys wanna know or ask regarding my experience shopping in this uber kawaii shop. hehe 

I'm desperately trying to persuade my parents to go for a holiday in Korea right now like seriously~

So that's all for today, so sorry for the slow (like snail~) updates due to busy schedule and whatnot. 

Have a great week, ahead!!

Au revoir!