TheFaceShop Malaysia December Promotion

Monday, 9 December 2013

Hello, beautiful people!

First thing first, shout out to Malaysian TheFaceShop fans! ...or Kim Hyun Joong oppa fans! ...or Suzy Bae fans! hehe

I just got back from doing a little bit shopping at KL Festival City Mall and of course I had to go to my favourite shop and I was so happy to see my favourite BA was there today. Her name is Mei Yi and she's a total friendly. Another staff would be Guan, which also a nice BA and they both are very informative about the TheFaceShop products. Not saying this because they asked me to or whatever ill assumption. I genuinely think that they just love their job. 

Anyway, though I didn't buy anything cause I bought the products I need during the end of last month's promotion (check out my November Haul) and as I'm still working on my New Year Wishlist (I know. I know. Need to stop shopping already! LOL), I went around to see what are other products that I'm going to get as my skincare products are almost finished already so hopefully I still can get those items during the... wait! I'm not going to spill the surprise yet! hehe

So, first, let's just get on to this month's promotion, shall we?

Right at the entrance of the shop, Suzy's huge poster greeted me with her sweet smile! hehe

Look at this illustration! I love those pastel colours! I guess vibrant colours aren't the only ones that could bring out the happiness in all of us.

Like Etude House, TheFaceShop too, decided to continue with the previous month's promotion, selling the Sweet Holiday Christmas sets but as for this month, they offer you with 20% discounts on all sets! 
Plus, let's not forget that this also include the 10th Anniversary Set, yeah?

I think I'm gonna grab the Sweet and Fresh Honey Citron Set. :D

Aww~ Aren't these cute! Grab two Sweet Holiday Christmas Sets and get 1 piece of Lovely ME:EX Mini Perfume Hand Cream! I want  the Mint one! :D

Throughout this month of December, TheFaceShop brought you Buy 2 Free 1 offer storewide i.e. all products except Christmas Sets, 10th Anniversary sets and New Arrivals. To those of you who missed the end of last month's Buy 1 Free 1 promo, this is not that bad.

While at the store, I also noticed that there are selected cosmetics on 50% sale! So go and check them out! Who knows your favourite items are on sale! 

So to all TFS fans out there, go and check out TheFaceShop store near by you! To those of you who're not in Malaysia, I bet TFS in your country are also doing great offer as well. 

As I noticed TFS Malaysia always bring out great promotions especially during festive season, so yeah. Being in this multi-cultural country is awesome! We get to shop during Eid (ah, I think I remember saw TFS offering 40% discount on skincare), Diwali (even Etude House was doing Buy 1 Free 1), Christmas, and of course Chinese New Year. Even at my hometown in Sabah, I bet TFS branch was doing special Tadau Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) Promotion. hehe

Since Christmas is almost here (2 weeks to go!), I'm guessing there's gonna be a special promotion but yeah, let's all bet on that, prepare our shopping lists, and let's watch out for the announcements from THEFACESHOP Malaysia Facebook Page, okay!

So yeah, that's a wrap for this post. I'll see you guys next post. 

UPDATE ON 12 DECEMBER 2013! haha :D I'm on hiatus but I can't just NOT share this with you guys! :D

As I told you guys to watch out for upcoming promotion, here it is! I just saw the latest update on THEFACESHOP MY Facebook page and they're going to make a special 3-day promotion starting tomorrow! 

Whoa~ Perfect! As we're gonna have more than just one New Year Party to attend this year! Nice gesture, isn't it?

... and wait for it.... 


Prepare your shopping list, ladies! Cause tomorrow is going to be awesome! 

So yeah, that's the quickie for the day. LOL Oh, I'm so exhausted from drawing 4 A1 presentation boards~ 

Until then, au revoir!