Skin Food Malaysia Chinese New Year Promotion

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hello, beautiful people! It's Monday and for the first time in 6 months, I'm not depressed on Monday cause I'm still in my semester break! :D

First of all, shout out to all Skinfoodians, to those who're residing in Malaysia, are you guys aware of the current Chinese New Year Promotion by Skin Food Malaysia? Basically, all places are painted red right now and same goes with this brand!

Check out the latest promo!

As Skin Food Malaysia has launched the new Black Pomegranate line last month, the products are integrated into the latest promo!

Above is the promotion that's valid on all stores throughout Malaysia. Look at the design of the Ang Pow packets! To those who didn't know, Ang Pows are given to children and singles during Chinese New Year. This tradition is also adopted into non-Chinese people like us, as we do give money as gifts, rewards etc during Eid. Ah, I still want that Skin Food 2014 Diary though! :D

If you're living near Suria KLCC, do drop by the concourse area and check this promo out! Exclusive!

What do you think of this promo? Is it worth the buy? 
Do share your opinion and drop your comments below! 

I think that's all and have a great week ahead! :D

xx, Mira