Skinfood Black Sugar Gold Special Edition

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hello, beautiful people! How's your weekend so far?

Today it's just gonna be a quick post as I was so excited when I visited Skinfood Official website and this has popped right at the home page. :D

10 Days of Gift! :D

Images are taken from Skinfood website. Please credit to this blog cause I edited the above photos myself. Thanks!
This for the online shop. I'm definitely not sure on how to get these very pretty-looking products! As some of you may already know that I bought the original version last month and as I've been using it for about a week now, it's working nicely so far, no break out none whatsoever (but we're still in the first week, so..) but when I saw this on the site, ah~ melting already! 

Anyway, the original product is sold at 21,000KRW (RM65.40++ but the Malaysian retailed price is RM109.90) as for the Black Sugar Perfect Serum and 8,800 (RM27.40++ and RM44 for MY) as for the Black Sugar Wash-off Mask. 

So, is it worth it? Definitely. I've been loving these two products and definitely will go for these if I had the chance. 

So that's it. Sorry for the short post and I'll see you guys tomorrow! :D

xx, Mira

P.S.: Already got some stuffs from Etude House to be given away for my first giveaway. Stay tuned! :D