TheFaceShop Malaysia Chinese New Year Promotion

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hello, beautiful people! How's your week so far?

Today is the official start of my semester break! Yay! Still got a little bit of packing to do before going to airport in another 3 hours! So excited!!

What's even more exciting that my wish came true (haha I truly wished for this at New Year!) that TheFaceShop is going to do another Buy 1 Free 1 promotion as I couldn't grab items I wanted during the New Year promotion as I was having exams. Plus, this time I get to shop with mum! :D

As they announced in their Facebook page, they finally done revamping the Malaysian website so do check it out! For me, I already used to browsing the Korean website so having to look at the English version for Malaysian market is definitely helpful. No need to Google Translate anymore! :D

Check out the official website here!

But first, 


I'm guessing this offer for all items excluding new arrivals. 
Update: This offer only apply to certain products for example the Real Nature Wash-Off Masks (Apple Flesh Mask, Strawberry Smoothie Mask Pack and Kiwi Jelly Mask Pack). Check out my review here. Visit store for the list of products for this nice offer! 


I'm not sure what's this offer for but of course, I'll update when I got myself to the store, okay! :D

Update: Basically this offer applies on all products (except for Buy 1 Free 1 products) so get one item at retailed price (with 5% discount for members) and get a second product with the same or lower price at 50% discount.

This offer is valid from 6th of January till 16th February. 

Anyway, this is my last post from West Malaysia. haha I don't know why I have to say that! LOL

But yeah, I'll see you guys next post. 

Au revoir!