March Haul

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Annyeong!Ah, it's April already. One of those things that I love about this first month of Spring is definitely spring blossoms. Well, though we don't have those in Malaysia but it's always fun to receive sakura photos from my Japanese friends.

Anyway, as per usual it's time of that month (not period, LOL) to post the haul of the month. Ah, I'm so excited as I get to try new set of skincare as I'm about to finish my previous skincare set.

Let's get on to it, shall we?

You know, it's been a year since I changed my magazine subscription from Cleo Malaysia to Female Malaysia. I guess taste and preference does change  when you're turning mid twenties.

The same as last year, when it's Spring, beauty magazines in Malaysia (well, the ones that I read) mostly featuring brightening or whitening products. As for Female Magazine Malaysia, they featured lots of whitening products both from Western and Eastern brands like Lancome, Shiseido, Sulwhasoo, and of course Laneige.

To justify why I decided to choose this brand is because this line of skincare is free from harsh or potentially danger chemicals. Not only that, I want to actually spend money on products that the price gap between here in and the origin country isn't more than 35%. Well, it's kind of disappointing to spend thousands of Ringgit on products that only worth half of the paid prices. Even lesser sometimes.

First let's go to Laneige Malaysia.

  • Capsule Sleeping Pack

I bet you guys already heard about the new upgraded version of the White Plus Renew line from Laneige as they integrated MelaCrusherTM technology into these products.

Since I'm going to travel next week, I recently grabbed the Trial Set which is also known as Brightening Starter Kit. The Set includes all the main products from the White Plus Renew line. These are nice as the Tone Up Corrector is included. I haven't made up my mind whether to get the full size or not. 

Clear-C Effector (reviewed here!) is a booster product, filled with Vitamin C that hopefully can help me to see the result of the new skincare line. If I'm not mistaken, this product main ingredient is acerola. I'll check that again later. 

For cleansing, as I still have my cleansers from TheFaceShop, I decided to grab this Mango Seed Oil to Foam (reviewed here) also from the brand which is a cleansing oil that will foam up once you massage it on your skin. Basically it's a one-step cleanser. Perfect if you're wearing light make-up and want to remove your make-up quickly and wash your face right away. 

Not only that, as I'm about to finish my current nose pack, I grabbed this duo, Volcanic Clay Black Head Gel Oil (reviewed here) and Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack (reviewed here). I heard some beauty bloggers said that the nose pack is better than my current one so I decided to give it a try. The BA at KL Festival branch mentioned to give better result, it's better to use the Gel Oil, it's more like a scrub before using the nose pack. So I went ahead and bought that as well. 

Talk about being lazy wanting to remove make-ups quickly just now, I also bought this Cleansing Tissue from the Herb Day cleansing line. I'm going to be busy for the upcoming weeks so I hope this might come in handy later. 

For cleansing tools, my old one has decayed so I bought a new cleansing puff and this time it's from the FaceShop, the Charcoal & Konjac Cleansing Puff. This is the interesting cotton pad that I talked about in the previous post, the Green Tea Stone Therapy Cotton Pad also from the brand. This is to help me to remove dead skin cells off my skin. 

For extra care, my cousin surprised me with this product that she bought from Korea last month, I've been wanting to grab it by myself but it's quite expensive here in Malaysia. It's this Tomatox Magic White Massage Cream from TonyMoly.

As I also been wanting to try some mask sheets from the brand so I got these from the local store in KL Festival. I'm so excited as I have never tried anything snail-based products before. hehe


As for make-ups, I finally got myself the BB Cushion (Whitening) SPF50% PA+++ from Laneige. I got mine on the first day after the product being sold here in Malaysia. It was coincident actually as I was doing some shopping and saw this offered at the counter. Mine is No. 31 Brown Beige. I wanted to go for the No. 33 Coffee, the darkest shade but it's not sold in Malaysia. 

I also got myself the refill for my Face It Aura CC Cream from TheFaceShop. I always love this CC cream and though it was kind of impulse as it was timed-sale, but I'm happy as I got this at half-price. Next to it is Face It Blending BB Color in Dark Color. You can use it to blend with your BB Cream and experiment with it to get your desired shade. Sounds fun, right? That's why I got it for myself. 

... and finally I got myself make-up brushes from the same brand. Can't wait to try these! :)

Ah, one of the happiest moment during the aforementioned sale, is I finally get my hands on the Lovely ME:EX Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liner in Black! I went to at least 5 stores to get this as I love other colours but it's not available anywhere. My Etude sharpener has rolled somewhere in my room and I couldn't find it so I bought a new one. hehe

Finally, I bought my first lipstick... from the brand. hehe My first ever lipstick is from Maybelline unsurprisingly. Face It All About Lipstick Creamy Fit in BE701 from TheFaceShop. I really love it ever since the first time I swatched it on my lips until now. :)

As these were offered at interesting prices, I got myself these powder pacts from Etude House, one is Dear My Blooming Powder Pact and the other, which is featured in Female Magazine (it was kinda surprising actually), the Dear Girls Oil Control Pact. Along with that, I also bought its sister product, the Dear Girls Lip Balm #01

Last but not least, the freebies!! hehe


From Laneige, I got 2 Trial Kits, White Plus Renew Trial Kit (5 items - upgraded version as this one has 5 items in it including one piece of Capsule Sleeping Pack while the old version has only 4 items with eye cream) and Basic & Water Bank Refreshing Kit (for oily to combination skin).

Ah, I also used on of the coupons that I got upon registering for Laneige membership, where I introduced an acquaintance as a new member and got the 5-piece items above. 

I think that's all for this month's haul. Again I can't wait to use up all my current skincare items so I can start using these. hehehe

If you're curious about any of the items above just drop comments below and I'll try my best to answer your queries. 

Love, Mira