Skinfood Malaysia April Promotion

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Annyeong! Ah~ wake up this morning with a notification from Skinfood Malaysia Facebook page. Finally the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum Gold Edition has arrived in Malaysia. You guys remember I posted about this when it was first launched in South Korea? hehe Now grab your chance to get this product as well!

The first skin care benefit of gold is it's anti-aging property. Gold as a metal is well known for it's toxin removal property. It repairs oxidation damage and also is a great agent to treat pollutant on skin. 

What contributes to the anti-aging benefit of gold facial is it's ability to develop new cells and to tighten the skin, thus, making the face look youthful for longer period of time. 

Another benefit is it's ability to repair sun damage cells, treats skin inflammations and also slows down the creation of melanin thus, preventing the skin from sun tanning. 

It also works wonders on dark spots and skin discolouration. 

Taken from the Facebook page. 

For this month's promotion, Skinfood Malaysia offers you this special edition of the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum specially targeted for mothers as it's gonna be Mother's Day soon. 

As you can see, the set comes with a full size product and the miniature as well with a price of RM138.80 and get a free Black Sugar Perfect Mask Sheet for free. Other than that, there are other interesting offer as well. 

I think that's all from me. Do check it out and tell me what do you think about the product, okay!

Love, Mira