Etude House Malaysia 2014 Holiday Promotion

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Annyeong, lovelies! How's your weekend?

It's gonna be another quick post on Korean beauty store Holiday promotion and this time is 
Etude House Malaysia!

*All images from MY ETUDE HOUSE Facebook page.* I'm just expressing my thoughts. 

Remember last year's promotion? There's an obvious increase when it comes to the price for Moistfull Collagen Set though the combination of items remains the same. Last year's Wonder Pore set comes with White Clear Mask while this year's with Pore Corrector. I think I prefer last year's. Only that the new 2014 Wonder Pore Freshener comes with cotton pads. hmm.. 

As for the GWP, I do love that transparent PVC Crystal Clutch
It was so popular on runways last year. But I still think it's going to be in next year. hehe
Oh, if you're buying the above set and wanna let go that clutch, let me know as I'm interested to buy it. Let's say.. for RM20 to RM30?

Next is the Any Cushion Set! Oh my god! I wanted to get that Macaron Mini Bag for so long! It was released in Japan stores and Etude House Global store but not even in Korean stores. LOL For God's sake, I went through lots of search from Facebook seller, Instagram, but no one selling it until I found one seller from Hong Kong in eBay I think, that's selling that cute bag at USD25. I was really close to buying it but decided not to as I had a hunch it's gonna eventually be released here in Malaysia. 

I'm definitely right about that. Only one issue though. The price. Not surprised. You see, both of the Precious Mineral Any Cushion and Magic Any Cushion are sold at RM119.90 each. While in Korea, it's only KRW18,000 (~RM55-56) and I do have that option to buy from the origin country with the help of my cousin. So yeah. I'm still crazy about that cute Macaron mini bag so I'll let you know pretty soon. 

Of course, it's the season of gifts so the Hand Cream Bouquet is listed again along with the Oh Happy Day set. Each Oh Happy Day hand cream is retailed at RM19.90 so getting 3 for RM39.90 is like Buy 2 Free 1. Plus the cute Etude House pink box. Good enough. 

If you're buying during Weekday, there's the 3 gifts as GWP. The Etti Wrist Cushion, the Pink Bottle, and the Ribbon Mirror stand. These GWPs are given if you get yourself the items that are NOT under Sweeties Club Promotion (November and December), and the Special Price for Members (40% Discount for selected New Arrivals - like the Dear My Wish Lips Talk!). 

For the Love Your Body sets, again there's price increase compared to last year's Petit Bijou Set, Dress Room Sweet and Lovely Look Set

New addition are the Hello~! Raspberry and Cranberry Special Set. Totally cute for Holiday Gifts. 

Of course, you guys should totally go during the Weekend! Cause it's Buy 1 Free 1 Weekend Promotion. As I visited a store recently, this promotion applied to all items except for those items listed under the Holiday Sets, Special Member and Sweeties Club promotions. But for more precise info on which items offered for Buy 1 Free 1, just visit the nearest store to you. 

You got all next month to shop! 

Tell me what do you think of this promotion.

I got some messages in my Facebook Page inbox, asking me to get some stuffs so if you want me to be your personal shopper, let me know. All you have to do is to give me the list of the items you need, transferred me the full amount to my bank account and I'll post you the items via PosLaju (which you also paid for postage fee.). 

I'm doing this cause the store is quite near (like 15 minutes drive) and there's a Pos Malaysia office on campus. Expected Time of Arrival is within 1 to 2 days within Malaysia. So yeah, it's quite an easy task and I've done this a lot of times before as I got some readers who contacted me, asking for my help to buy for them as they live quite far from the nearest store.. and some of them just don't have Etude House (or other Korean beauty brand) stores available in their area.

So that's all about it! 

I'll see yo guys next post!

Love, Mira