Laneige Sparkling Party Holiday Collection 2014

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hello, my lovelies! It's been a while since I last post under the "Shopaholic" label so today, I'm going to share with you guys the latest promotion for Laneige Malaysia!

As I went to Parkson KLCC counter yesterday, not all items have arrived (well, maybe at that counter only) so do check your nearest Laneige counter and ask (and reserve!!) your most wanted item or set from this year's holiday release.

First, the skincare sets!

Sparkling White Essentials, RM310 (worth RM483)
  • White Plus Renew Original Essence, 40ml
  • White Plus Renew Original Cream, 50ml
  • White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack, 3g x2
  • White Plus Renew Eye Cream, 3ml
  • White Plus Renew Original Essence, 10ml
  • White Plus Renew Tone-Up Corrector, 10ml
  • Glitter Pouch
I got to say, this is quite a steal! I'm a big fan of the White Plus Renew line and if you're like me, you should definitely get this one! Those freebies alone worth more than RM100! 
Except that I already bought the items that I need last July... Sigh

Sparkling Hydration Essentials, RM260 (worth RM397)
  • Water Bank Essence_EX, 60ml
  • Water Bank Gel Cream_EX, 50ml
  • Water Bank Double Soothing Gel Mask, 1pc
  • Water Bank Essence_EX, 10ml
  • Water Bank Eye Gel_EX, 3ml
  • Glitter Pouch
If you're fan (I think most Laneige fans are) of the Water Bank 2014 line, this too is quite a valuable set! Most Malaysian women have combination to oily skin (due to our lovely weather) so Water Bank Gel Cream_EX is included in the set. If you're new, you could experience the whole line of skincare with those freebies!

Sparkling Perfect Renew Essentials, RM240 (worth RM390)
  • Perfect Renew Skin Refiner, 120ml
  • Perfect Renew Emulsion, 100ml
  • Perfect Renew Firming Eye Cream, 3ml
  • Perfect Renew Essence, 5ml
  • Perfect Renew Cream, 10ml
  • Firming Sleeping Pack, 5ml
  • Glitter Pouch
Looking for a gift to mum? Or maybe, grandma? This is a great starter. As the Perfect Renew line is targeted at women at their 40s above, this set allows you to try the whole set as well, with the toner and emulsion in full sized while other items in its miniature version. So, you can decide whether to get the whole line in its full sized version or mix it up with Time Freeze line.

Sparkling Youth Restoring Essentials, RM180 (worth RM281)
  • Time Freeze Intensive Cream, 50ml
  • Perfect Renew Skin Refiner, 10ml
  • Perfect Renew Emulsion, 10ml
  • Time Freeze Essence, 5ml
  • Glitter Pouch
As I was saying, this set is one of the most valuable set I think because that moisturiser alone is worth RM220! As I already bought the moisturiser for mum about 2 months ago during the Time Freeze promotion, so I'm putting this one on top of the list while waiting for her review on it. 

Sparkling Sleeping Beauty Duo, RM190 (worth RM301)
  • Water Sleeping Pack Limited Edition, 80ml
  • Firming Sleeping Pack, 50ml
  • Power Essential Skin Refiner Light, 25ml
  • Balancing Emulsion Light, 25ml
  • Multiberry Yogurt Pack, 20ml
  • Glitter Pouch
I am definitely a big fan of that Firming Sleeping Pack so this one too is sitting on my 2014 Holiday Wishlist. I still got like 4 pots of Water Sleeping Pack miniature so even though this year released a limited edition for that item, I'm not considering to get it. But, as a gift? Definitely!

Sparkling Water Essentials, RM150 (worth RM244)
  • Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence, 100ml
  • Brightening Sparkling Water Peeling Mask, 3 sheets
  • White Plus Renew Skin Refiner, 15ml
  • White Plus Renew Emulsion, 15ml
  • Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel, 10ml
  • Glitter Pouch
I've been wanting to try the Brightening Sparkling Water line ever since it was launched last July cause the source is originated from France and volcanic regions at that! How exclusive is that! 
Well, actually, the reason I really want to try is because of the function of Sparkling Water itself which is to promote the turnover of dead skin cells and some of you might know that I'm all over products that can help me with that.

Now, for you lovers out there that wanna pamper your Mr. Right...

Pore Clearing Holiday Set for HIM RM135 (worth RM228)
  • Pore Clearing Cleanser 150ml
  • Pore Clearing Gel 125ml
  • Pore Clearing Cleanser 30ml
  • Pore Clearing Gel 25ml
  • Homme Toiletries Pouch

Dual Action Holiday Set for HIM RM185 (worth RM287)
  • Dual Action Mousse Cleanser 150ml
  • Dual Action Essence Lotion 40ml
  • Dual Action Energy Toner 25ml
  • Dual Action Essence Lotion 5ml
  • Sun Block Supreme 10ml
  • Homme Toiletries Pouch
Next, makeups! check out these valuable sets!

Glitzy BB Cushion Whitening Set, RM220 (worth RM355).
  • BB Cushion Whitening No. 21 (Limited Edition)
  • Brush Pact #1 Natural Finishing
  • Lip Palette
  • Lip & Eye Makeup Remover,25ml
  • White Plus Renew Original Essence, 10ml
  • K-Fashionista Makeup Bag
If you haven't tried the BB Cushion (which I doubt!), this is a great opportunity to get it as the set not only comes with the limited edition of BB Cushion and the Brush Pact, it also includes that lip palette that actually consists of Serum Intense Lipsticks, 4 variants all in one palette., along with the eye and lips remover and Water Plus Renew Original Essence miniature.
I got the above info from a Singaporean blogger that I followed in Instag so I'll update with you guys once the set arrive at my regular counters, okay!

Glitzy BB Cushion Pore Control Set, RM200 (worth RM344).
  • BB Cushion Pore Control No. 21
  • Jet Curling Mascara
  • Lip Palette (4 variants)
  • Lip & Eye Remover, 25ml
  • Pore Tight Essence, 10ml
  • K-Fashionista Makeup Bag
Thankfully the BB Cushion set also comes like this! Gives you option whether to go for the Whitening assemblies or more like semi-matte makeup. Though, I was hoping it came with the No. 2 Brush Pact (Pore Blur) instead. 

Now, to the limited editions item!! 

Our beloved Song Hye Kyo unnie, beautiful as ever!

Sparkling Party Water Sleeping Pack (Limited Edition) RM100. Big fan of this best seller item? Get this!

Sparkling Party BB Cushion (Limited Edition) RM150. 
Comes with that pretty golden rose coating on the side. Most probably comes in No. 21 Natural Beige only. To those with medium tone like me, just cry. T____T I just got some info on this, there are 3 shades available, No. 13, No. 21 Natural Beige and No. 23 Sand Beige. 

But there's gonna be a better surprise coming next year!

Sparkling Party Makeup Palette (Limited Edition). RM105 
Comes with Water Drop Tints (slightly mini compared to the full-sized) in Raspberry Pink and Neon Pink, Sparkling Glitter Nails in Golden Bubble and Pink Wine, Sparkling Dust Eyes in Pink Dust and Gold Dust

Sparkling Party Hand Cream in Rich and Soft. Price not yet available. 

My thoughts:

This year's collection is da' bomb! I love how the brand offer more range of skincare sets compared to last year and as this year's set comes with small bags or pouches, they're definitely practical compared to boxes in last year's collection. The Winterland box are without doubt beautiful but yeah, I personally love makeup bags as I travel a lot and every time I went home, my makeup bag is the first thing being packed up in my luggage. 

The concept of Sparkling Party is indeed appealing especially around the festive season. I really have to say that the golden rose coating on the BB Cushion case is like an extension of your new iPhone 6 or Plus in Gold. 
Yeah, that's how I see it... I might get it just for the sake of the case.. 

Among the exclusive limited edition sets, I think the first to run out is the Makeup Palette set as it's quite a steal, with the popular Water Drop Tints and additional nail polish and Eye Shadows! The box looks like a clutch so I bet you can even pull a party look with it!

As for the Water Sleeping Pack... I'm not sure whether they re-designed the tub or they only just changed the box. I'll check it out and update here soon. 

That's all for this year's Laneige Holiday 2014 Collection! I hope you enjoy the post!

What do you think of this year's set? Are they worth the money? Which one you would consider to get? I don't mind if one of you send me of those as gift.. haha just kidding!

Until next post, annyeong!