Photobucket is No Longer an Option

Sunday, 2 July 2017

I guess this is it guys! I'll be on hiatus for awhile as you can see in this blog that Photobucket has stopped its 3rd party image hosting services that I've been relying on for the past 10 years of my blogging journey. 

On my hiatus, I'll be taking the opportunity to re-arrange my posts, downloading massive number of photos from my Photobucket account and re-uploading to my Google account as it's much easier to access hence syncing and rearranging photos will be much easier as I can access them from all of my devices. 

I hope you can keep coming and commenting and do continue your support to this blog and I hope my hiatus won't be more than a month and I'll be back with a better contents. 

I'll see you on the next post! Sooner than I hope!

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